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Virtual Reality Gadgets - Have Fun At Home

If you’re a gaming enthusiast or a professional in the film industry and other industries, you have probably come across the word virtual reality a dozen or more times. Virtual reality is the immersive technology used mostly nowadays in the gaming industry where you, the player in a VR game feels as if they’re part of each and every activity that is taking place. In an action VR game, for instance, the latest virtual reality technology immerses you into a foreign world where instead of just controlling a virtual person, character, or object, you take part in the game all from the comfort of your manufactured home. You are controlling yourself in other words. However, virtual reality apps come in a wide array of different versions. The most important thing is the application of this technology. Below is a brief outlook on virtual reality gadgets, a few of their applications and how to choose the best one from the market.

What Are Virtual Reality Gadgets?

From the word gadgets, you can tell that these are IT devices that are used in the various virtual reality applications, gaming, and entertainments in most cases. These gadgets mostly include VR headsets, which may be accompanied by gaming consoles or controls depending on the type and brand of the VR gadget. The headsets provide a combination of a 3D display screen and ear pieces for the sound, which may come with hand-held control devices. When choosing a VR gadget (also including helmets, eyewear, glasses, etc), there are various important factors to consider.

Things to Consider When Buying a VR Gadget

Computing System

One of the most important things to consider before buying a VR headset or console is the system you’re going to use it with and its system compatibility. It is important to note that different VR gadgets are designed for different operating systems and computing devices. In other words, there are VR devices designed to work with computers (including certain laptops and PC’s), whereas some are designed to work with mobile phones/tablets. These are PC and mobile VR gadgets in short. Before buying a certain VR headset or another gadget, it is important to be sure if the gadget will be compatible with the tech device you intend to use. If its mobile VR gear, will it work on both IOS and android platforms? Will it work on both Windows and Mac if it’s a PC VR device? These are some of the questions you need to find answers for before you approach the purchase. Sometimes the decision to buy a virtual reality gadget might prompt you to buy a new PC/mobile device or upgrade the existing one to a compatible computing device.

Esthetics and Comfort

When choosing a VR device, the other thing you need to look at is the level of comfort it provides. Especially the headsets, you need something that won’t press against your ears and face so hard to leave you with marks after playing your game or doing whatever the device is intended to. this also goes hand in hand with how the gadget looks, so choose wisely.

Convenience and Features

Other things to take into consideration include the features of the particular virtual reality gadget. Some VR headsets come with superb graphics and display features, as well as controls. While some VR headsets come with long cables to allow the user to move about freely during a game or use, some are wireless, which means more convenience of motion for the user.


Different VR devices will also cost differently, depending on the features it comes with, and the brand. It may also be important to consider the cost of getting the VR-ready computer or compatible device, since you may have to purchase the two as a package in some instances. It’s all based on your budget versus your preferences when it comes to choosing a VR gadget based on pricing.

VR Applications

Another important factor to consider is the reason you intend to use your VR gadget for. In this case, the main question is, “is there an app for that”? as earlier mentioned, virtual reality is today used in a wide variety of applications apart from gaming, including fitness, military training, engineering, and much more. Some VR gadgets have more apps in their respective app stores than others, so this is also worth taking into consideration.

Some of the best names in the virtual reality gadgets industry include the facebook-inspired, Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and Samsung, among many others.

Product Examples

1: Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Headset
• Buy From: Amazon
• Price: $499.99
• Link: https://is.gd/TTn6fW

2: Google - Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset
• Buy From: Best Buy
• Price: $15.00
• Link: https://is.gd/lPlM50


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who came up with virtual reality?

A: As it is with any other invention, it’s hard to state with absolute certainty who the father of virtual reality is, for it draws upon the influences of many. But with that much said, Ivan Sutherland, with the help of his student Bob Sproul, in 1968, created what is now known as the first virtual reality, and Augmented Reality (AR) Head-Mounted Display (HMD) system, so heavy that it hung from the ceiling. The system indeed was primitive in both realism and user interface design.

Q: Which virtual reality headset is best for the iPhone?

A: Apple is yet to make a VR Headset, but Google has pretty much stolen the limelight when it comes to iPhone VR. With that said, New is always better, and the Google Daydream View VR Headset make this point clearer. The only problem being that you’ll have limited experience, for not all cardboard apps will be accessible to you, but it sure does trump all other headsets in the market.

Q: What games are Oculus Rift compatible?

A: Since the launch of Oculus Rift, many games with amazing features and quite the worthwhile experience in virtual reality have been released. Here are some of the best picks do far; Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-quality, Robo Recall, Technolust, Edge of Nowhere, Chronos, Eve: Valkyrie, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, Minecraft, Damaged Core and Elite Dangerous among much more.

Q: Are Oculus Rift games compatible with Vive?

A: Currently, the answer is No! But perhaps with time things will change. As of the moment, Oculus Games will not work with HTC vive. Despite HTC Vive being an open platform, Oculus Rift is closed, and other hardware manufacturers are not allowed to use Oculus SDK for their hardware without permissions from Oculus. With that much said, it not entirely a No, for a lot can happen given time.

Q: How does Google Cardboard compare to Oculus Rift?

A: Google Cardboard is a simplistic idea, its only appeal being the low price, outstanding simplicity and the wide selection of games and apps. It was not meant to wow you with mind-blowing graphics, or the immersive graphics, but rather intended to be an ideal, affordable introduction to VR. Oculus Rift, on the other hand, has a lot to offer and it is indeed one of the leading pioneers in VR Systems. From its Advanced, high-end technology for a more realistic world, high resolution, sensors for motion tracking, as well as an excellent refresh rate, Rift’s design proves to the comfortable and much more appealing, with a wide selection of games to choose.

Q: Which is the best Google cardboard viewer?

A: The Google Daydream Viewer. It introduces quite the simple, unique, high-quality virtual reality, and a much higher immersion experience, that puts you at the Centre of all action.

Q: Which devices support Google cardboard?

A: Google Cardboard supports both Android and IOS, with the API (Application Programming Interface), being released for all developers so that new and more apps are released.

Q: What does Samsung Gear VR do?

A: With an addition of the controller, the gear gives you a much better perspective and the thrill, rush, and ability to go further than ever before. It features an Ergonomic Design for a more comfortable and interactive virtual reality experience, a superior 1010 field of view, with smooth and precise tracking via the in-built gyro sensor and accelerometer. From seeing the bigger picture, to a whole wide range of ever-growing app store, the Samsung Gear VR, indeed promises and delivers a lot to ensure you get that undisputed VR experience like never before.

Q: Which Samsung Gear VR apps are best?

A: The Samsung Gear VR, is more than just a gaming machine and has a lot more to offer, from teaching you language, to letting you get closer to marine life, to being at the top of the world, while standing at Mount Everest. The headset indeed is you perfect portal to escape to an ever-growing number of worlds. Here are some of the best Gear VR apps; Neon Museum- Massive Square Inc., Soundscape, Sharks VR, Sherlock Holmes: the Wagner Ritual, Perfect Beach, Mars is a Real Place, 360 Photos, Samsung internet and vTime amongst much more.

Q: Which Samsung Gear VR games are best?

A: There tons and a lot more Samsung VR games available in the Oculus store. Here are some Select games you shouldn’t miss on Samsung Gear VR; Minecraft, Dreadhalls, Eve: Gunjack, Smash Hit, VR Karts: Sprint, Wrath of Loki, Dark Days, Hitman GO: VR Edition, as well as Skylight among many more.

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