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When Closet Space Is Limited, Store Your Stuff In Trunks And Chests

The trunk and chest has without doubt made a solid comeback as a furniture piece that’s becoming highly sought after for the homeowner. Both continue to be some of the most versatile pieces of furniture which provides dual benefits: being stylish as well as remaining functional. When looking for a chest or even a trunk, it is important to take into consideration certain factors.

In case of a chest, if you opt for a wooden chest, make sure you choose one which has been made from durable and reliable wood. Cedar chests tend to be the preferred choice since they are resistant to insect attacks and can also be easily stained and lacquered.

The size of the trunks and chests must also be taken into consideration. Even though you may feel the urge to buy the largest trunk or chest, it is important to get one which can easily fit into your room without taking up all the space. You also don’t want to get a trunk or chest which is not big enough and can therefore not store as much.

Lastly it is also important to ensure that your trunk or even chest is portable and easy to move around. Whenever possible, make sure you get a trunk or chest which has wheels underneath for ease of movement.

Here are some examples of storage trunks and chests readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Hitachi Wheeled Storage Trunk

Product Price: $ 49.98

Product URL:

Product Details: this wheeled trunk is a perfect solution for virtually all your storage needs and requirements. It does provide ample space to store supplies, clothes, linens and much more. The storage box is constructed with solid wood: this does give a lasting performance on the same. The overall lid is hinged with latches whereas the heavy gauge vinyl covering as well as the high impact styrene binding does add to the sturdiness and solid construction. For ease of portability, the trunk does feature two recessed wheels which make it ideal for use at home. It does also feature a sturdy and tough nickel closure which is fitted with a key locking hasp with a loop. This ensures that the trunk can accommodate a padlock, this ensures extra safety.

2) Product Name: Contico Storage Locker

Product Price: $ 29.27

Product URL:

Product Details: this storage trunk does fit in most confined storage places since it can even fit beneath the bed, it does also come with a sturdy wheeled base and does allow users to move around easily and safely. The trunk is also spacious enough to store various items such as clothing, helmets, uniforms etc. the lock with hasp and metal latches does provide some additional security to items stored in the trunk. It is also lightweight and easy to lift, featuring integrated handles which are stackable, making it relatively easy and simple to load the same on to buses, vans as well as mobile homes. This is a must buy for anyone who is looking for a sturdy and durable trunk.

3) Product Name: Sydney Cedar Chest (Cherry Finish)

Product Price: $ 149.00

Product URL:

Product Details: this beautifully designed hope chest is not only crafted to last, but is also stunningly beautiful: It does feature a strong cedar veneer lining in the interior and Asian hardwood veneer on the exterior. It is also fitted with ogee shaped lid flips which provide access to the interior whereas the base of the unit does sit on the carved bracket feet which extends outward from the chest for additional stability. Bulky blankets or any other difficult to store tools is bound to easily fit within the chest, the interior of the chest does measure 34 inches in the length, 15 inches in width and 13 inches in height while the exterior does measure 35 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 17 inches in height.

4) Product Name: International Caravan Ornate Hope Chest Bench

Product Price: $ 299.00

Product URL:

Product Details: with carved cabriole legs and a bench seat which lifts to reveal the storage area, this is an elegant hope chest with a very generous storage area. It does measure 35 inches in width, 17 inches in depth and 18 inches in height. Thriving on china oak construction with a padded seat which is beautified in ivory upholstery, the hope chest does without doubt does add a beautiful touch of tradition as well as lots of warmth to any room where it is placed or being used. It is ideal for storing out of season clothing, sweaters, blankets as well as anything else.

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