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Factors To Consider When Choosing Residential Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are without doubt the easiest, fastest way to divide space in a manufactured home. All you do is to pull the door across the opening and latch in position. Also known as folding doors or concertina doors, these single piece doors are available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Apart from helping users define the space, these doors can be used to eliminate confined doors, assist in the reduction of distracting noise or simply make the space more user friendly. In most instances, the doors are suspended from an overhead track. To close or open the unit, you simply grab the handle on the lead post , slowly walk the door across the opening and then latch in the jamb receiver

Depending on the brand, most accordion doors are either crafted of hardwood panels or Vinyl-lam and are typically designed for closet, wardrobe or utility room use. The choice of material does have a significant effect on the pricing as hardwood finishes are much more expensive than the Vinyl finished units. One should therefore seriously consider the financial effect of choosing one over the other since even though hardwood finishes tend to be more long lasting and durable, vinyl finishes are also quite long lasting and are readily available in different, unique finishes.

When choosing a door, it is important to consider the ease of installation. Whenever possible, always opt for the top suspended door versions. This is because they are not only easier to install due to the lack of pivots and floor clips, they also tend to be more long lasting and offer a smooth performance. You should also ensure that you get your measurements right. To get precise sizing, ensure that you measure the finished opening accurately from side to side for width and also from header surface where you are going to attach the track to the counter surface or finished floor for its height. To ensure that the header can handle the weight of the door, make sure they span the entire opening without any instance of sagging. This is because the accordion door track must be level and plumb so as to enable the door to operate properly. Because building codes vary quite widely, it is recommended that a homeowner checks out his or her design and structural requirements and ensure that they are followed to the letter.

Always keep in mind that the two most vulnerable areas in accordion doors are the roller system and the outside fold. Whenever possible, get a unit that has a continuous pin hinge hardware system which will eliminate these problems. You should also be wary of rollers that are fastened into the core of the body panel, the best units usually have their top roller system firmly riveted onto the upper pin hinge system.

Whichever door you opt for, it is important to get a door that’s easy to maintain. Doors made from Veneer, Aluminum, Acrylic and Vinyl are the easiest to maintain since all you need is some mild soapy water to wipe away the dirt then dry with a soft chamois or cloth. Irrespective of the material used, always desist from using scouring pads, abrasive towels or household cleaners to clean your door.

Apart from the above, there are also some unique options or features that one may ask for. There are doors which come with multi-meeting points, this usually consists of movable posts which create several meeting conditions. There are also units that come with curved tracking while some are fitted with pendant pulls for maximum efficiency.

Here are some of the most popular residential accordion doors readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: HomeStyles Vinyl Accordion Door

Product Price: $ 102.48

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit has an energy efficient, double wall vinyl panels with vinyl hinges as well as scratch resistant UV varnish that is resistant to fading. The unit is sold with the hardware, track and is very easy to install. With a double wall vinyl construction, the unit is quite durable. In its white color, the door does complement any present décor.

2) Product Name: 48 by 96 Vinyl Accordion Doors

Product Price: $ 108.97

Product URL:

Product Details: this accordion door can be used to provide a more reliable and durable barrier between the back porch or patio door and your home. It is also ideal for use as a closet door in a small area. Featuring a Pecan finish, this unit can be trimmed and shaped to fit any door passage or size.  

3) Product Name: Vinyl Accordion Door

Product Price: $ 48.34

Product URL:

Product Details: with a rich espresso finish, the unit is designed to be a durable and convenient addition to any home. With a scratch resistant varnish, the unit has flexible hinges which allow the unit to fold up in a compact shape. It is also easy to install.

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