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How To Take Care Of A Pet Cat

If you’re a pet lover, you know that adding a new feline member into your family & into your home is always an interesting thing, whether for the fist or dozenth time. It barely matters whether you select your most preferred breed from the breeder or you pick a stray kitten from a home; there are endless interesting possibilities in adopting or parenting a new kitten or cat. However, the relationship with your new member of the family will be highly dependent on how well you take care of him or her. This will in most cases be in terms of the discount cat supplies you get for them, which includes food, playing equipment, their bedding, medication, and much more. It will get the kitty more comfortable, keep him or her more cheerful, and even get the newly adopted members to adjust faster to the new environment. But the big question is; what are the most crucial pet cat care supplies you shouldn’t forget when bringing in a new kitten in your home? Read below for some inspiration. There should be some expensive choices as well as some cheap, budget friendly options.

1. Cat Bedding

It may sound a bit absurd to some, but cats are renowned for preferring having their own places to relax and reboot. Just make sure that when buying your pet’s sleeping supplies, they’re warm and comfortable. This is because there’s a wide array of options out there in the market. These agree in most cases referred to as kitty beds. However, it’s also important to have an open mind and have the expectation that your pet will choose to sleep elsewhere once in a while at least. If you’re familiar with cats, you might already know by now that most breeds have a tendency to join the owner/parent in their beds when asleep.

2. Get Some Scratching Posts

It is in the nature of cats, they love to scratch. As a matter of fact, they seem to need it! One of the best things a pet owner can do is to avail this lovely creature with something it will love scratching. Lucky enough, scratching posts are available, most of which are vertical structures that are tall and sturdy enough to keep your kitty busy and playful during the day.

3. Feeding Bowls

A hungry cat won’t be your best friend, obviously! To keep him or her in good care, you will also need some feeding bowls, for both water and food. When choosing these, bear in mind that plastic options can encourage bacterial infections, and can also attract smells. They can be hardest to manage, sterilize, and keep clean as opposed to stainless steel bowls, ceramic, and glass options that are easier to keep clean.

4. Kitty Litter

Of course, younger kitties may need training before they can get it right but in the long run, you will need a kitty litter or some structure where the wonderful pet sheds his or her droppings when they need to. There is a wide variety of kitty loiters in the market, ranging from simple litter trays to automated poop-handlers. What matters most is what works for your pet, and maybe how well he or she is trained, especially when young.

5. Cat Toys

From the time they’re young to the time they’ve had it all, cats are very playful and energetic. This is probably why you hear rumors of cats having 9 lives. To keep your new family member happy and cheerful, make sure you get them some toys to play with. However, remember that the cat is not as intelligent as your child or another pet such s a dog. He or she can easily get choked or struggled depending on the type of toy you get them. Weigh your options well.

6. Cat Collars and Carriers

These are also quite important pet cat care supplies that cat owners should care about. If you ever decide to take a walk with your cat, the collar should be a wonderful restraining tool. However, think of safety when selecting a cat collar. Kitty carriers are also highly important and come in handy if you ever need to transport your cat safely and comfortably. A cat carrier should always be well-ventilated and comfortable.

In addition to these, most cat owners also go for grooming equipment and supplies in the bid to make their pets look cuter. Some of these may include wire brushes, combs, and slicker brushes depending on how your cat looks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which cats make for the best family pets?

A: Abyssinian cats are steadfast, tender, and among the perkiest among the cat species. Abyssinians are wise, and with clicker preparing, you may even have the capacity to teach them a few traps as well as tricks! Burmese cats make awesome kid friendly cats. They are popularly known for their fun-loving and family-friendly nature. Burmese cats have likewise been known to bring fun and joy to your kids, as well as being very dog-like. Persian cats are to a great degree mainstream in light of their particular adorable face, as well as on the grounds that they are extremely quiet but very energetic cats.

Q: Which cats get along with dogs?

A: The Abyssinian cat is exceptionally social cat breed that adores not only individuals but also other home pets and puppies, different creatures, and fundamentally any animal that will focus on its perky shenanigans. Cherishing and charming, the American curl appreciates the organization of different pets and appear to have a regard for different creatures in the home. American Shorthair feline is a medium-sized feline with striking great looks. It was once prized for its bug chasing capacities. Breeders take note of the feline's capacity to coexist well with puppies and different pets, and additionally its tenderness with youngsters.

Q: Which celebrities are cat owners?

A: Cameron Diaz has a pet feline named Little Man. Drew Barrymore and George Clooney are a great animal lovers and have pet cats. Nicolas Cage once took "enchantment" mushrooms with his pet feline Lewis. Ewan McGregor is a creature partner and has invited felines and dogs into his home. Audrey Hepburn cherished pets, and she broadly showed up close by a cat in the notable film Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Q: Which cats are the best mousers?

A: Persians are known for their higher-than-normal knowledge, and the females of the breed are especially talented with regards to getting mice at home. Japanese Bobtails were reproduced particularly as chasing felines, helping silk industrial facilities keep the mouse populace under control. Burmese felines have a propensity for intuition with their stomach. They flourish anyplace they can be guaranteed of a decent square supper, for example, homes or even office situations. Consequently, they will let you keep their mouse-chasing capacities on retainer.

Q: Which cats like to play fetch?

A: Abyssinian water-adoring feline, this to a great degree faithful cat will play get and bear its most loved toys in its mouth, much the same as a puppy. Furthermore, similar to pooches, the Abyssinian will chase after their people, assist (regardless of whether you need it to or not), and react to rope preparing, as well. Ginger felines likewise love to play fetch.

Q: Which cats like to play in water?

A: Bengal felines are known for their flawless shading, colorful markings, and particular vocal talents. In addition, this cat breed is well known to adore playing in the water, unlike most cats. Maine Coons are vigorous, brilliant climbers and they're likewise totally interested with water. Turkish Vans are excited swimmers and are nicknamed the 'swimming feline' for their affection for playing in water puddles, from their water bowl to the latrine or even swimming pool. Fun loving Turkish Angoras, similar to their cousins the Turkish Vans, are genuine water babies. The Abyssinian cat is sufficiently keen to turn the tap on himself to extinguish his thirst; he likewise adores to playing in and with running water.

Q: Which cats live the longest?

A: The wonderful Burmese tops the rundown with regards to long life. In reality, the official holder of the record for the longest living feline is a 35 year old Burmese. The majority of them don't live very this long. However, their normal life expectancy is said to be 18 to 20 years. Siamese felines are regularly cited as one of the longest living breeds, and they can live for 16 to 20 years or even more. Savannah cat breed is said to live to anything from 17 to 20 years and experience the ill effects of few medical issues. The Bombay frequently lives for in the vicinity of 15 and 20 years. They can even live longer than this; a companion of mine had one which as of late kicked the bucket at the amazing seniority of 21.


Q: What cat collar is best?

A: Choosing the right and best collar, is quite the significant endeavour, for a cat collar serves quite the multiple purposes, from showing ownership to expressing personality as well as decoration, Choosing the best Cat Collar, among all reasons, should be safety. Many don’t realize that cat collars may turn out to be quite the hazard. If the Cat ends up getting snagged, on the fence, branches or furniture among other things, the wrong cat collar could strangle the cat. Thus the best cat collar, should be adjustable and have a breakaway clip.

Q: When were cat toys invented?

A: Cat toys have existed for a long time, till today. Over 100 years ago, in 1878 Dr. A.C. Daniels did just that, inventing some of the best cat toys such as the; Dr. Daniel’s 1907 0riginal Catnip Mouse Toy, or Dr. Daniel’s 1907 original Catnip Ball Toy. While on the other hand, Cat Dancer became the first nationally marketed interactive cat toy in 1983.

Q: What are some good cat toys?

A: Cats need exercise, especially since they don’t get to roam outside chasing squirrels and birds, or maneuvering around obstacles. The best Cat toys, come in five different categories; Ball, Catnip toys, toy with feathers, as well as mice and other animals, with interactive toys such as the Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher, making the top of the list.

Q: Which is the best cat scratching post?

A: Scratching is quite the natural behavior for a cat. Providing the appropriate scratching post for your felines can help with physical and mental well-being, not forgetting that it's also a step towards protecting your carpet and furniture. Here are some of the best cat scratching posts available in the market; The SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post, The Original Scratch Lounge, Pet Fusion 3-Sided Vertical Scratcher, The Purrfect Post, and the Pet, Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge among much more.

Q: What are the best cat carriers?

A: A Cat Carrier is the number one solution to having a comfort travel or journey with your felines, without the fear of that things will get out of hand since cats are particularly not excited to be moved from one location to another against their will. A good Cat Carrier should have plenty of ventilation, be considerate of weight, and have safety features such as locking doors and zippers, easy to clean amongst other qualities. With that said here are top 5 Cat carriers for your felines.

- AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

- OxGord Airline Approved Pet Carrier

- CAT1st Portable Ultra-Light and Sturdy Cat Carrier

- Pets fit Expandable Travel Carrier

- PetObedience Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Q: What is the best cat furniture?

A: The right Cat Furniture, depends on the Feline’s Age, Size (inclusive of height and Weight), Sturdiness, What she likes to do, and what toys she plays.

Cat Furniture into the following categories; The Scratching Posts, Cat Trees, Play Houses, Cat Towers, Cat Climbers, Cat condos and more. Some of the noteworthy cat furniture include;

- Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

- Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

- Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 – Beige

Q: How can a cat owner choose a cat bed?

A: With Cat Beds coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, color, and material, there’s now a wide selection to choose from, with the styles incorporated more enticing as the next. But when choosing the right cat bed for your felines, it’s important to consider one that is comfortable enough, and also one that fits in with the décor of our home. With that much said, here are some important factors to keep in mind while choosing a cat bed:

Size- Choose the right size for your cat. The most important point is that your cat should be able to stretch out comfortably, but it should also not be too big.

Easy- For your cat or kitten to get in and out.Natural Fabrics- For the lining and stuffing, for it provides comfort and fits well as it also is a preventive measure against some Cat allergies.

Machine Washable- This will enable you to keep your cat sleeping are clean and free from potential fleas and allergies as possible.

Q: Which self-cleaning litter box is the best?

A: The Litter Robot III Open-Air. It is the most appraised product in the market right now. It is a fully Automatic self-cleaning system, which will indeed fit any cat, regardless of their breed and size. The entrance is large to offer comfort and safety, while the construction is durable enough to withstand a test of time, as well as wear and tear. The system automatically cleans the Feline’s wastes after it detects that the cat has left the machine.

Q: Which cat food is the healthiest?

A: ZiwiPeak’s wet food. Cats need lots of fats and proteins in their diet to stay healthy. ZiwiPeak, Set a new standard when it comes to quality, nutrient-rich cat food. Recommended for a healthy feline's diet.

Q: Where to put cat food and water bowls?

A: For healthy, happy and contended Felines, of importance to remember, is that you should not put your Cat’s Food and Water bowls alongside each other. For one it helps avoid contamination of the water with dropped. So it’s a strong consideration to putting the food and water bowls, on opposite sides of the room, or presumably with several feet between them.

Q: What cat food is best for older cats?

A: With aging, it means decrease in energy, difficulty in walking and loss of appetite. Keeping in mind of the weak immune system that means that the cat is vulnerable to quite some diseases, healthy food for the elderly cats is advised. For this reason and more, Cat food manufacturer formulate the special ’Senior” cat food that addresses such issues. Vital nutrients for senior cats include; Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-Oxidants, as well as Fats. With that said Foods High in Nutrients and Fats include; Canned tuna, Canned Salmon, Cooked Chicken, Baby food, Salmon oil, and Grains such as Oats for fiber. What one should avoid feeding senior cats include; Proteins, a lot of proteins to be exact. For Older cats suffer from kidney problems. Thus protein levels should be lowered since reduced kidney function, leads to poor protein metabolism. The Sodium intake levels should also be lower since older cats are prone to heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Q: What cat food helps with shedding?

A: Cat shedding is a natural process, and while shedding will not threaten your feline’s health, there is such a thing as excessive shading which leads to bald spots. Here are some Cat foods that will help with shedding; Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food, Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food, and NUTRO MAX Indoor Cat Adult Dry Cat Food.

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