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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home With Window Shutters

There's no end to the things you can do to your manufactured home to add beauty and increase its value. You could replace flooring, walls or even the ceiling. You could add a few pieces of bespoke furniture to make it look good. But most importantly, your windows would still look bad if you didn't include the right fixtures to go along with your decor.

That's why several types of window shutters now exist. If you want to improve the aesthetic beauty of your windows, it's as simple as adding the best window shutter that appeals to you. But first, you have to know about the different types of manufactured home window shutter options in the market.

1) Vinyl shutters

These window shutters are designed with a light PVC material that is durable and resistant to water, so your windows will always be safe from the harsh environmental elements. The material doesn't chip, warp or shrink either, and this makes it a good choice for most manufactured home owners.

Vinyl decorative shutters look similar to traditional shutters made from wood. These window shutters can also be made from 100% vinyl and a combination of wood and faux. The good thing is that vinyl decorative shutters are available in myriads of designs and finishes, which should give you the power of choice.

2) Decorative fiberglass shutters

Shutters manufactured from fiberglass materials are durable, plus they require very little maintenance compared to competitor materials in the market. The upfront cost of fiberglass shutters can be high. However, keep in mind that you'll be saving money in the long run, thanks to the fact that you're not carrying out frequent maintenance tasks.

Just like Vinyl, fiberglass window shutters don't warp or chip, plus they are also resistant to water and other environmental conditions. Styles are available in varieties ranging from raised or classic panel, to batten styles, fixed louver, and board. They come in a vast array of colors to suit your choice, so go for what will match your decor.

3) Decorative aluminum shutters

Though a little bit pricey, they can be installed and maintained conveniently. They are also very durable since the material is made of pure aluminum.

Aluminum window shutters will stand strong winds, including hurricanes. As a result, they are suitable for use in areas prone to wind damage. The most basic ones are available in fixed louver styles. However, if you don't find this basic style appealing enough, you could pay more and go for raised or batten shutters.

4) Attractive cedar window shutters

These window shutters replaced the most common wood shutters that we loved. They are also very durable since they have pest and water resistance capabilities. The reason why insects don't interfere with cedar is that the wood material has a natural bug repellent substance known as tannin. Tannin keeps away pests such as insects, bugs and termites from facilitating the decay process of wood. Again, cedar decorative window shutters come in different styles, thus you're able to find something for your home too.

How to install window shutters in your manufactured home

Of course you have to take measurements to ensure accuracy when installing the shutters you've bought, otherwise, you'll be forced to return the items to the seller for a replacement.

The second step involves drilling holes that will attach the shutters to the windows. The holes should be large enough so they can hold the screws between the shutters and the windows.

You will also need anchors when sinking the screws inside their respective holes so they can hold the shutters to the windows. Using screws and hinges, make sure the screws are properly drilled inside the hinges so as to hold shutters firmly. This should increase the aesthetic beauty of your windows anyway.

Once you've put the frame in place, make sure you install the shutters to complete the job. When maintaining your shutters, you need to occasionally check for cracks or damages. If damages exist, they should be replaced to keep your windows looking at tip-top condition.

Window shutters are not very costly though. Depending on the material used to make them, you can expect to pay at least $32 to purchase one window shutter. So this is an investment you will have to make for your manufactured home. See this link for a collection of window shutters:

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