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Manufactured Home Security Systems DIY Options And Tips

The benefits of living in a manufactured home are more than just a few over conventional homes. Some of these benefits include that manufactured homes are generally less costly and fast to procure at set up. In terms of the furnishing and home improvement costs, manufactured homes are also way more beneficial. However, everyone needs to feel safe and secure when in their home, regardless of whether it’s a prefab or site built type of home. In other words, the security systems you put into place matter a lot when it comes to comfort, security, and peace of mind when in your home. Whether you’re in the home or away, you need to feel confident knowing that you, your property or any other dwellers in the home are safe and secure. It all starts from your mobile home locks up to your home’s more advanced security systems. Below is a brief outlook on some of the commonly available manufactured home security systems and tips on what you can do to enhance your manufactured home security.

Sensors and Alarm Systems

This is one of the best and most effective security systems available. In this case, your mobile home is fitted with sensors and alarms on places such as doors and windows, which can either be triggered by force or motion. The sensors are mostly set in such a way that a certain amount of force or unrecognizable motion triggers the sound of an alarm, which in turn scares off a person in case they’re trying to gain unauthorized entry into your mobile home through the door or window. Some of these are designed to also trigger an alarm on the service provider’s end, which then sends a response team to check out what the issue is. However, some of the latest alarm response security system services are accompanied by other features such as CCTV.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras may or may not be accompanied by alarm systems. In most cases, these are cameras strategically positioned at various points in the mobile home to record video and photographic feed of activities taking place around those areas in or outside your home. Some modern CCTV surveillance systems record feeds that are monitored in real time. A matter of fact, most of these systems are configured in such a way that you can access the feed live on the go, as long as you have Wi-Fi through your phone, tablet, or PC. The costs, features, and working mechanisms may vary depending on various factors. However, it mostly depends on the service provider you work with or the brand of security system equipment you choose to install in your home.

Locks and Smart Locks

Even though most mobile home owners take it for granted, your home’s door locks are one of the most important security features. In essence, weak locks can easily be broken into or picked by burglars. However, home improvement tasks such as upgrading your mobile home’s front door with a deadbolt lock can highly beef up security. These locks are also available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and finishes so choose wisely. For instance, some options come with knobs and handle sets, whereas others are available as simply locks that only need a key to open or close. Also, there are smart locks nowadays, most of which are keyless and require a set of combinations or digital passcode to open or gain entry. Some of these are also combined with alarm systems and surveillance cameras depending on the owner’s preferences.

When choosing mobile home security systems, some of the most important things to consider include the type, brand, and installation service provider as well as the involved costs of purchase and installation. It is always advisable to buy equipment from highly reputable sources and work with professional installers to ensure that your security systems are worth your investment. Reinforcing your front doors and windows can also be a great way to enhance your manufactured home's security.


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