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Help Keep The Bugs Out Of Your Manufactured Home With A Retractable Screen Door

Sometimes it's hot and stuffy, prompting you to contemplate opening the front door and leaving it open so that fresh breeze can find its way into the house. But on the other hand, you fear that it's an invitation for crooks who want to come in so they can help themselves with your things.

The thing is, you've got to find a special door that lets in light and fresh air without providing access to other intruders. Therefore, if you feel you need to invest in a manufactured home screen door, here's more information about them.

The type of door you need

The choice of door you go for depends with your aesthetic preferences and security needs. If your neighborhood suffers from cases of break-ins more frequently, then you'll have to go with steel grilles or steel doors. On the other hand, if you just want to give the impression of tough security while still keeping bugs at bay, you'll need to invest in aluminum. Lastly, if you only need something that will prevent insects from finding their way into your home, a cheap aluminum number would just be enough.

What you should look for

There are so many different types of screen doors with distinctive features to look for. It becomes hard knowing what to choose when you go shopping for these doors.

Unfortunately, the market may also trick you with products marked ''security screen doors''. That's because some of the doors are not up to their description. They are marked as ''manufactured home screen doors'' when they only protect your home from flies.

However, if the product can meet U.S standards and those of installing it, then it is most likely that the product is a genuine door made for the purpose it was intended for. Again, during the installation process, you should ask the company installing that door to provide you with a written guarantee that their work meets U.S standards.

There are even products that will mimic popular brands out there. In this case, you will need to confirm by comparing the product with genuine products from the brand they're mimicking. This will help you catch any misrepresentation of product information.

The frame of your screen door

This can either be steel or aluminum. According to experts, when steel doors are correctly manufactured and installed, they can be very effective in offering security. Again, if the steel door you buy is compliant with U.S standards, there are high chances that it will resist corroding.

Unlike aluminum, steel may corrode with time. But most door manufacturers now use special technologies that make it difficult for their steel doors to corrode.

A deep receiver channel should exist for the frame. This makes it difficult for the edge of the door to be pushed out of the frame easily. Ensure the connection between the receiver channel and the main part of the frame is sturdy.

Doors should also be reinforced at the corners. Internal corner stakes might not be visible. However, doors with welded corner joints will most likely be strong.


The infill can be made from aluminum grille, steel, stainless steel mesh, or any other material. Motifs, steel bars or grilles are the most secure. On the other hand, doors with aluminum grilles generally offer more than just flyscreens. But you can get a few heavy-duty ones that will offer something better.

Alternatively, you could go for stainless steel mesh doors (doors that have infills made of woven stainless steel mesh). The good thing with these doors is that they will promise you security without blocking your view with bars or grilles. They work better than flyscreens.

Lastly, structural-grade aluminum perforated sheets are considered new in the door market. These doors look similar to stainless steel mesh doors, though they are not very expensive. Industry insiders say these doors are as secure as their stainless steel counterparts.

The cost

Aluminum screen doors go for between $250 and $350. This is going to offer more service than just a flyscreen. However, if you want a customized one that meets U.S standards, you'll end up paying at least $400 to have it purchased.

Steel doors can also be a good option. However, cheaper ones costing $250 and below are usually manufactured out of thin steel, and this can sacrifice their security capabilities. On the other hand, a quality customized steel screen door can cost you at least $600. Learn about them here: http://is.gd/wMpJvd.

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