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What You Should Know About Manufactured Home Plumbing Check Vents

Even though not much, quite a number of significant differences exist between manufactured home plumbing and site-built home plumbing. These slight differences are mostly due to the construction methods, standards, regulations, and materials of choice. One of these differences is the way venting of drain pipes is done. Most sinks and kitchen drains consist of a type of air vent known as a plumbing check vent. This part is also sometimes known as a cheater vent and is an extremely important part of plumbing in mobile homes. Below, we look at what manufactured home plumbing check vents are, they function, how they work, and how you can tell if your cheater valve or vent needs replacement.

Describing the Check Vent/Cheater Vent

For waste water to flow properly through the drain lines, the plumbing system beneath should be set such that it draws in air to add some pressure to support the process. This entry system or point for air is known as an air vent. In mobile home plumbing for sinks and drains, the check vent plays the role of an air vent, even though some drains may also use a vent pipe, especially toilet drains. Vent pipes are those that extend to the exterior of the home through the roof.

Check Vent’s Location

In most manufactured homes, check vents are mostly located under the counter on sink drains, except in places such as the bathroom and toilet drains. Cheatervents are more advantageous in that they are easier and less costly to install in comparison to roof vents. Their installation is also less time-consuming. This is why most mobile home manufacturers prefer installing these beneath sinks.

How Do Check Vents Work?

As soon as water passes into the drain from the sink, the cheater vent opens up, allowing air through into the drain pipe. This process occurs through suction pressure and this air allows the water to flow away smoothly. In case the drain pipe becomes clogged up and the water is running slow, the check valves close up to prevent spillage of water as it backs up from reverse suction. The component also stays closed when not in use, avoiding the escape of waste water gasses into the indoor atmosphere of your manufactured home.

Signs of a Bad Check Vent

There are various ways to determine whether your cheater vent needs replacement or not. Constant sewer Smell from underneath the sink is one of the most common symptoms of a faulty check vent. In such a case, the unit may not be closing properly or may not be closing at all when not in use and may require replacing. Sometimes you may notice some waste water underneath your sink when the drain back-up, which could most likely mean a leaky check vent that needs replacement.

Other common signs include gurgling and hissing sounds from the drain accompanied with slow-running water. In the third scenario, however, the problem might be originating from another source rather than the check vent. You can have this checked by a professional or place a pail underneath your draining pipe and run the water with your check valve removed. If the hissing and gurgling symptoms stop, replace the unit. If it doesn’t, the problem is coming from another source.

Plumbing Check Vent Replacement

Most plumbing repairs are quite tricky and involving, often requiring intervention by an experienced plumbing professional from time to time. However, replacing a cheater vent is a different scenario. It is considered by plumbing experts as one of the easiest repairs in the job. To replace a faulty or damaged unit, you simply need a pair of pliers and use it to unscrew the check vent. Once you remove the unit, you should have the new part on standby for installation. Then, apply a sealant or joint tape at the threads and use the same piece of equipment to screw the new component into place. Be sure to screw the device into a 1 and 1/2 inch male adapter using your pair of pliers without over tightening.

Product Examples

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