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Move Your Home From Here To There With The Right Manufactured Home Moving Equipment

Moving your mobile home is without doubt an overwhelming experience. Unless you are a seasoned DIY person, this task is best left to the professionals who have the right equipment. Typically, relocating the house will require a Class A driver’s license and the use of a large truck. Unless it is a new house, you should prepare the unit for moving. Make a point of taking all glass light fixtures down and then place them on the floor. Also make sure all electronics are also placed in an area where they can be secured. Move and secure heavy furniture to ensure that it remains damage and scuff free. Use items such as blankets, cushions and bed sheets to protect valuable electronics such as TV and Home theaters.

Make sure all the skirting is removed. If you plan to re-use the skirting then you should be very careful when removing it. Label the parts for easy identification when you will be setting up the home again. You should also ensure that you have properly disconnected the utilities such as electricity, water and gas. Make sure all the above are turned off at the source before you make any attempt to disconnect them from the house. You Should also remove the four panels of a roof top air conditioner before transportation.

Under the home, you should determine the tire and axle requirements; fortunately, many current units have removable tongues and axles where the trailer can easily hook up to the truck. You should also check for any tie-down straps and remove them before the home is jacked up for the axles and tires, most of the time, these units are wrapped around the frame of the home and then buried in the ground. you should also remove any blocking from the home, these are basically what keep the home level, and they must always be removed before the truck can safely pull the home away.

Here are some of the popular manufactured home moving equipment readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: CSI 465/480 House-Tug

Product URL:

Product Details: the CSI House –Tug is designed specifically for the installation of manufactured housing. With a fully hydrostatic drive and powered by a diesel engine, the house tug can move even the heaviest unit with lots of ease. With the ability of lifting from the ground level to over thirty six (36) inches and a capacity in excess of 26,000 pounds, this machine has the capabilities of a giant. Fitted with fingertip radio remote control, you can easily walk around the housing unit to confirm clearance from obstacles, final positioning of the unit and also track the tires. The machine can turn around on its length and also crawl very steep inclines with lots of ease. There are also optional attachments such as the dozer blade, concrete bucket, anchor driver and auger which make working with the unit a breeze.

2) Product Name: 115/120 Platypus

Product URL:

Product Details: the machine is equipped with heavy duty street pads (excavator type tracks) for long life. It has been expertly designed to make moving and lifting modular and mobile housing units easy, quick and safe. The hydraulic system that’s powered by a Kohler engine does provide the flexibility and power to accurately position the housing unit. Further to this, the radio remote control does remove the operator from a hazardous position and allows for an unobstructed view of the work zone. The machine does deliver more torque at lower speeds, making it quite ideal for certain jobs which may require such capabilities.

3) Product Name: JADDE 2000

Product URL:

Product Details: this unit does without doubt usher in a new era in moving and set-up of manufactured homes. This compact machine is sturdy and can lower or raise the housing unit and steer it right or left. This does greatly reduce the effort involved in maneuvering the housing unit past various obstacles and around sharp turns. It does also have adjustable, hydraulic lift wings which can be adjusted in width so as to attach to the main frame of the housing unit. The steer and lift functions can easily be controlled either by control panel attached to an umbilical cord or a radio remote control. The unit is easy to transport as it can easily fit behind a pickup truck. The machine is hydraulically operated with the power for the hydraulic system being delivered through a deep cycle 8-D marine battery with a built-in charger, giving you many hours of good service is properly charged.

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