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Keep Your Home Warm And Lower Energy Bills With The Right Insulation

A home that’s been insulated with the appropriate material, be it rock wool, slag wool or even fiberglass does provide the most cost effective way of saving energy by reducing heating and cooling needs and requirements. Adding blown in or batt insulation is relatively easy and is by far one of the most cost effective ways of improving energy efficiency numbers of your manufactured home.

Apart from lowering your energy bills, good insulation does improve the general comfort inside your home, does provide a much healthier environment around the home and has the additional advantage of providing additional sound control.

There are several factors though which one has to take into consideration when choosing an appropriate insulation product. First and foremost, it is important to check on the ease of application or installation. In the case of blown in insulation, make sure you take into consideration the machine required for this purpose or the need of having a professional come to do it for you.

It is also important to get insulation with the correct thermal performance and value. Make sure you get a product with the correct R-values for your specific needs and requirements. In most areas, your attic will require insulation with ratings of R30 to R60 whereas walls will require insulation materials with R values of R 13 to R 15 for walls measuring 2 by 4 and R 19 to R 21 for walls measuring 2 by 6. For floor and crawl spaces, always opt for insulating materials with values ranging between R 25 to R 30.

Here are some examples of manufactured home insulation which are readily available in the market. These include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Green Fiber Blow-in Fiber insulation

Product Price: $ 11.24

Product URL:

Product Details: this insulation is made using 85% recycled paper fiber and is very easy to install and can therefore be applied over any existing insulation. The insulation is further treated with flame retardant chemicals which ensure that the insulation is fire resistant. The insulation does fill voids and gaps, creating a seamless thermal blanket which is bound to reduce instances of air infiltration. The material used is no itch and does also provide superior sound control. It is installed by being blown into sidewalls and attics and does cover at least 40 sq ft per bag and can also be applied over any other existing insulation. Further to all the above, the insulation material is made from 85% recycled material and is formaldehyde free.

2) Product Name: Atticat Fiberglass Expanding Blown-in Insulation system

Product Price: $ 31.97

Product URL:

Product Details: this expanding blown in insulation is specifically designed for most insulation projects in either existing or new homes, the insulation is usually achieved by adding millions of tiny air pockets which are known to provide the material used with its energy saving R-value and its insulating power over a period of time. its self feeding system does provide for complete coverage even around wires, pipes and other outlets. It is also easy to install, there is no mess and the insulation does release and expand inside the machine. Typical job usually takes less than four hours, even though this is dependent on the size of the manufactured home.

3) Product Name: R-30 Unfaced Insulation Continuous Roll 15 Inches by 25 feet

Product Price: $ 18.67

Product URL:

Product Details: this insulation is soft to the touch, is very easy to cut as well as to split and install. It does offer users some exceptional sound control and thermal performance. This Eco-touch insulation does contain more than 99% of natural ingredients which consist of plant based compounds and minerals and is also confirmed as formaldehyde free. It is also worth mentioning that to reach an R-60 for your manufactured home insulation, you need to have 20 inches of this particular insulation so as to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its dimensions are 9 inches by 1 inch by 25 feet.

4) Product Name: R-Tech � Inch by 4 ft by 8 ft R-2.89 Foam Insulating Sheathing

Product Price: $ 11.75

Product URL:

Product Details: this is made from EPS which is a fully recyclable material. It is also available in thickness ranging from 1/8 inch increments from 3/8 inch to around 5 inches. This insulation is specifically developed for wall sheathing, basement, siding underlayment as well as foundation insulation. Even though it does measure 8 feet in length can easily be cut to desired size. It is also moisture resistant with some great insulating properties. it does also have some poly-facer on both sides for flexibility and durability. It is energy star qualified and thus does meet all the laid out federal guidelines for energy efficiency.

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