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Manufactured Home Flooring Options To Consider

Manufactured homes can have different types of flooring, so it's up to the homeowner to choose the floor they find most appealing. It's a way of protecting your home from the cold, it's the foundation of design, plus it's a way to make your manufactured home look updated (if materials are chosen correctly).

However, when it comes to choosing flooring materials for manufactured homes, it becomes a tricky endeavor. It's going to be difficult getting something perfectly square in an older manufactured home. To be sincere, you won't find too many square walls and floors in older models of manufactured homes.

Manufactured home flooring options: Common Issues

Common issues which homeowners complain about is moisture damage, bowing and sagging, or walls separating from the floor. Consequently, you might even be forced to replace the sub-flooring in your hallway. If you can find a cheap and easy fix which will last long, then go for it.

The flooring options available

We're currently on a mission to finding the best flooring options to use. Take advantage of wood flooring options which is available in a wide variety of design, color and feel. You could invest in a natural smooth oak surface available in popular 5 inch wide plank. Use this link,, to find out about the wood flooring options available out there.

You could even invest in laminate flooring since it's a suitable option for those who want perfect floors everywhere except in the bathroom. You could go for pink bamboo or walnut if you like. There is a vast array of choices, so the decision is yours.

And now that we've mentioned your bathroom somewhere, you should invest in tile flooring for that section of the house. Tiles are versatile, plus they look good especially when you choose a cute design for your shower place.

In your research to finding out the best tiles out there, you'll discover that tiles are rated from low to high when it comes to wear-ability. Don't be fooled by the low-rated tiles because they won't stand the wetness in the bathroom. This only leaves you with the option of going for the highly-rated tiles. They are costly, but they will last longer.

Ceramic and clay

Think about ceramic tiles. These pieces are made of feldspar and clay. Ceramic tiles also come in different colors, something that is achieved as a result of the glaze used on the surface during firing. Otherwise, choose Terra Cotta, commonly referred to as natural clay tiles. If you choose to go with this option, make sure you choose tiles with glaze option since they tend to be water-resistant. Water molecules find their way through the clay materials in the absence of glaze.

The red-orange color is as a result of the clay itself. We've also discovered that there's a white clay used in the manufacturing of tiles. Ceramic tiles are generally available in a vast array of finishes including glass, high gloss and matte.


Porcelain tiles also fall in this group of ceramic tiles. Porcelain material contains a substance known as kaolin. It is the presence of this substance that makes porcelain tiles very dense and strong. Porcelain tiles are suitable when installed in high-traffic areas of your manufactured home.

Stone tiles

Stone tiles are made of granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, and travertine. Natural stone tiles tend to be the most beautiful when installed in floors. And when you consider stone tiles as a nice option to go for, just buy all you'll need at once. When you purchase in bulk, you're going to enjoy uniformity since there's a good chance that all the tiles will come from the same seam and depth of cut. Never forget to include the 10% overage charge to cater for breakages or even installation mistakes.

With such a vast array of flooring options, it's going to be difficult choosing the right flooring for your manufactured home. The truth is, you're going to change your mind most of the time. But you can do your research and also compare prices to see what's available for you out there. is a good place to start your research. You'll be able to compare prices for the different flooring options. Check out this page,, to have a clue on what we're talking about. Prices vary as much as design.

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