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Go Green With The Right Manufactured Home Energy Efficient Windows

Shopping for manufactued home energy efficient windows does demand some research and patience. To get the best window, you should carefully take into account the different window technologies readily available in the market. When choosing these windows, there are several factors one has to take into consideration. These include a wide array of issues with some being quite obvious whereas some are quite surprising if not interesting.

The first thing one needs to take into consideration is the regional climate. The U.S Dept of Energy through the Energy Star Program has designated the whole country into four distinct U.S climate zones with regard to window energy efficiency. It therefore follows that for you to get the most appropriate and energy efficient window unit, you must first determine the climate zone that you live in and then get to know the most energy efficient window for that particular climate.

The next thing you need to take into account is the window energy efficiency rating of the window you have chosen or contemplating to choose. In the U.S, the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) is the only independent organization with a well developed and highly recognized national energy performance rating system for skylights, doors and windows. Generally, all NFRC approved and tested windows are usually labeled. These windows also have ratings for key efficiency metrics such as heat gain and U-factor clearly assigned.

Research has shown that in the U.S, the largest sources of energy loss are the windows. This is mainly due to the traditional single glass windows that most homeowners tend to prefer and use. In this regard, it is advisable to opt for double paned windows which reduce heat gain and loss since they come equipped with two separate glass layers as well as with a sealed and vacuumed insulating air space between them. Triple glazed windows are also quite popular, they usually have three layers of glass as well as two separate sealed and vacuumed insulating air gaps; this makes them one of the most energy efficient windows since they significantly improve the overall energy efficiency levels of the window.

Apart from glazing, manufacturers are currently using other energy saving treatments to further insulate the triple and double paned windows so as to ensure that there is minimal if any loss at all. Currently, there are several low-emittance coatings or low-E glazing methods which have been developed which further reduce the otherwise costly heat gain or heat loss that’s associated with windows. These windows in particular are very popular with manufactured homes due to their general sturdiness, efficiency as well as durability.

In addition, some of the most energy efficient windows go even a step further by incorporating other methods to conserve energy. They do this by simply insulating the air spaces that exist between the layers of glass or multiple panes. Most of these gas filled windows do come with odorless and non-toxic gases injected between the panes so as to significantly improve the overall window energy efficiency. Depending on your remodeling or replacement budget, energy saving windows which have both insulating gases and low e glazings are usually the best energy efficient windows to purchase.

It is also worth mentioning that even though many people are not aware of this fact, the window frame that you choose does also play a critical role in improving the energy efficiency levels of your windows. The window frame material that you choose does have a significant impact on your home cooling and heating bills as well. Typically, the material used to manufacture the frame will govern the physical characteristics of the window such as durability, weight and thickness. Different frame materials have a different impact on total window performance and one should therefore also pay close attention to the material used for the frame.

Here are some of the most popular manufactured home energy efficient windows readily available in the market. They include the following;

1) Product Name: Kinro 30 by 54 White Vinyl Low-E Vertical Sliding Window

Product Price: $ 286.94

Product URL: http://is.gd/fDGuBT

Product Details: its vinyl construction does provide superior thermal performance whereas the deep pocket sill does provide additional strength and weather resistance. For easy cleaning, the unit does include a removable screen.

2) Product Name: 24 by 54 Low-E Horizontal Sliding Window

Product Price: $ 235.73

Product URL: http://is.gd/HkB5ur

Product Details: the unit does have dual weather seal to reduce drafts and also enhance energy efficiency. The reinforcement bars in the meeting rails also provide some additional strength. The unit is AAMA and HUD compliant for West Coast guidelines.

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