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What You Need To Know About Manufactured Home Electrical Receptacles Before Repair

By definition, electrical receptacles are contact devices in a home’s electrical wiring system from where your electrical appliances or devices draw electric power to run or recharge. Some people prefer referring to them as sockets where you can plug in an electric device for power. Most manufactured home models come along with standard electrical receptacles. However, you may need to replace a faulty wall receptacle have one installed in a specific place in your home to add the convenience of use and avoid using long electric cords. This why it is important to have an understanding of manufactured home electrical receptacles and electric outlets. Below are some pointers for the commonly available options and some things you should consider before buying one for replacement.

Common Types of Electrical Receptacles

Switched Receptacles

Switched outlets are receptacles that come with a switch in place to allow you the control of turning current transmission on or off. Most of these basically come with a current outlet as well as an ON-OFF switch. These are normally best for controlling cabled devices that connect to the wall but aren’t required on all the time.

GFCI Receptacle Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlets are higher-end receptacles that are designed to trigger a power shutdown whenever a ground fault or short-circuit is detected. In other words, the outlet will trip whenever electricity flows beyond a certain standard threshold. These are considered ideal for places near to a water source, say the bathroom or kitchen walls.

AFCI Receptacle Outlets

The Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter or AFCI outlet is another version with a similar design to the GFCI, only that its protective function is slightly different. It basically protects the electric circuit from arcs, which is a code name for the situation when an electric current jumps from one wire to another. ARCs are normally known to cause electric fires in buildings, and to protect from these AFCI outlets are imperative. These receptacles work in a similar manner to wire insulation.

20A Outlets

The other common options in the market are the 20A receptacles. These are normally considered ideal for use in places such as the kitchen, bathroom, or garage, and other areas with appliances that require a huge amount of electricity to run in terms of Amperage Rating. As you might have guessed already, the 20A in this type of receptacles represent 20 amperes meaning that they can handle circuits with 5 amperes more than the regular 15A outlets. It is, however, important to consider the fact that the types of wiring used with 20A outlets are normally thicker than those of the standard 15A receptacles. This means that it would require some rewiring for you to replace a 15A with a 20A outlet in your manufactured home.

Now that you know the common types available, below are the other important factors you would want to consider before repairing or replacing your wall receptacle outlets in your manufactured home.

Power Rating

Depending on the types and number of electrical appliances or devices that need to draw power from the receptacle, it is important to consider looking for an outlet that will provide sufficient current without tripping or possibly damaging your appliances. Remember that every electrical appliance or device has a power rating in terms of amperage before going shopping. Choose a receptacle that can handle your power requirements effectively.

Brand and Model Reputation

Also, think about the brand and model that will be suitable for you. Some models are prone or getting damaged or broken easily, so shop wisely. Pricing will also be different for different receptacle types as well as product brands. Especially if you have multiple electrical devices than require powering, you may also want to consider finding a cable extension socket, most of which come with several outlets in a current box with separate switches for each power slot.

Repair Service Vs DIY

Dealing with electrical installation and wiring requires a high level of skill and experience. Electrical repairs and replacements can be a dangerous affair for both yourself and your property if you don’t know how to go about it. Consider looking for a handy electrician or an electrical repair service if you’re not confident enough to install manufactured home electrical receptacles.

Product Examples

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