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Manufactured Home Cabinet Doors - For The Do It Yourself Handyman Homeowner

In addition to the fact that manufactured homes are relatively cheap to acquire and maintain, they are also fairly cheaper to furnish and decorate. However, it mostly depends on what you include and consider as part of your home’s décor aside from what it came with. Both in mobile homes and conventional homes, cabinets are important parts of home décor yet functional utilities that need extra attention at all times. Whether were talking of kitchen, bathroom, or living room cabinets, their style, finish, material, color, and design all have a role to play in the overall look and feel of your mobile home.

However, most manufactured homes also come already fitted with preexisting cabinets in rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen. All the same, some of these take doorless designs whereas others come with doors. The main advantage of having cabinets with doors is that they are lockable, meaning that you can store some of your private belongings or essential items and even lock them up if need be. This helps keep them out of rich from unauthorized persons in the home or children, thereby improving safety and even privacy. Whether you want to install new doors or you want to upgrade your current cabinets below are some important pointers you can use to help you choose the right manufactured home cabinets doors for you.


By the time you’re even considering replacing or upgrading your mobile home cabinets with some nice doors, you already have an idea which once you’d like to work on, bathroom or kitchen. The next most important step is to consider the door size you need. In this case, you will have to take measurements manually or have a design specialist guide you through the activity. You should always have the right measurements for the cabinet doors you need, especially of you choose to buy finished doors.


Some of the most common materials used include glass, wood, veneer, metal, plastic, and processed wood. Whichever material you choose, consider its effectiveness in the area it’s being used in, as well as its overall durability. You will also want to match the door’s color and finish with the rest of the cabinet’s construction.

Door Design and Style

Especially if you’re keen about your manufactured home’s décor, style and design is a must to consider. Some of the questions to ask you should include the following:

How do you want the cabinet doors you open or close? - Cabinet doors can open sideways, upwards, or downwards. You can also go for sliding doors, which are more effective for saving space. Some of the most common options include recessed, raised, and slab doors.

Do you want lockable doors or not? – Depending on the use of your manufactured home cabinets, you will have to decide whether the doors should have locks or not. All styles of doors can be equipped with privacy locks.

Brand and Pricing

Cabinet door pricing may vary depending on some of the above factors, including the material of construction, size, design, and brand. It is always important to work with your budget and the secret to ensure that you don’t break the bank during the project is to do you research right and work with companies and brands that provide quality products are fair prices. You can also make your cabinet doors DIY, which can be the best way to go if you’re biggest concern is saving.

Source and Installation

Last but not least, you will also want to give proper thought to where you source your manufactured home cabinet doors. You can either get the doors from manufacturing companies that specialize with mobile home products or get them from an online vendor/hardware. The main thing here is that your source will affect the quality, pricing and style options you get. As a ,matter of fact, some manufactured home owners decide to take this as a DIY project, where they build and install the doors themselves, or buy a door that fits and install it. In most cases, it’s always best to work with a professional installer or specialist in mobile home furniture, especially if you don’t have enough expertise, time, and the required tools for the job. You can always opt for a mobile cabinet with doors as well.

Product Examples
1: Delaware Cabinet Door - Paint Grade Poplar Frame with MDF Panel
• Buy From: Cabinet Now Dot Com
• Price: $25.87 per square foot
• Link:

2: 32-inch Cabinet Door Frame – Black
• Buy From: Walmart Dot Com
• Price: $319.63
• Link:

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