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Help Keep The Bathroom Mold Away With A Good Exhaust Fan

Learning how to properly and effectively ventilate your manufactured home, especially the bathroom is as important to you as the homeowner as it is to the home. According to research findings from the Home Ventilation Institute, during a shower, the general humidity level in a bathroom can reach the levels of a tropical rain forest- hot and uncomfortable. In this regard, just the simple act of showering does create a breeding ground for micro-organisms, mildew and mold that will not only damage your home but also affect your well being. These micro-organisms can only be effectively prevented by keeping the indoor moisture levels pretty low.

The buildup of moisture which is common in bathrooms that lack proper ventilation can also deteriorate joists above as well as the framing around the bathroom, erode fixtures, peel or crack paint, ruin your gypsum board and even warp your cabinets. Fortunately, bathroom fans that are ducted to the outside effectively remove moisture after and during a shower and also eliminate unwanted bathroom smells. Here are some important factors worth taking into consideration when shopping for a bathroom fan.

You should always check with your local planning department to find out if you need a permit to install a fan. After getting the necessary go-ahead, look for fans that meet energy efficient requirements of Energy Star and also ensure that the unit is UL listed for wet locations, such units usually have a tough protective shell which makes them ideal for use in wet regions.

One of the main problems many people have with bathroom fans is the level of noise. Always pay close attention to the number of sones of the unit. One sone is roughly the same as the sound of a refrigerator running, the lower the sone number the quieter the unit is.

You should also consider the CFM of the unit. This refers to the cubic feet of air that the fan can move per minute. The higher the CFM, the faster moisture can be expelled from the bathroom to the outdoors. Typically, a 50CFM is ideal for smaller bathrooms which are less than 50 sq ft. For larger bathrooms, then getting a fan that provides you with approximately one CFM per square foot of space is ideal. So a 90 square foot bathroom needs a 90 CFM bath fan.

There are also certain features which are worth looking out for since they make the bath fan easy to operate and more efficient. Some come with a ceiling light which activate both the fan and the bathroom light when activated. Some units also come with motion sensors that turn on the fan immediately someone enters the bathroom and keeps running for a predetermined time as well as an allergen reducing filter are just some of the additional features worth looking out. If you have a steam shower, use a separate fan on a timer so that it can be automatically shut off during the shower use and then run afterward so as to dry the shower stall effectively.

During installation, make sure that the exhaust fan is installed near or directly over the shower so as to capture moisture immediately. Irrespective of the size and model, make sure it is properly ducted so that all the moisture ends up outside. It is also important to ensure that the exhaust terminates outside and not in the attic or crawlspace.

Here are some of the popular manufactured home bathroom fans readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Nutone White Polymeric Non-Ducted Bath Fan

Product Price: $ 44.99

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit does feature a non-ducted blower which provides air circulation in areas where ducted ventilation may due to one reason or the other be impractical. The compact housing does attach directly to an in-board joist through a mounting bracket; this makes installation relatively fast and easy.

2) Product Name: Panasonic 110 CFM ) .3 Sone Ceiling Bath Fan with Adjustable Ventilation Rates

Product Price: $ 137.00

Product URL:

Product Details: has a fully enclosed brushless motor that’s coupled with a powerful 110 CFM blower that very silent, operating at a paltry 0.3 Sones. Has a built-in back draft damper that prevents the cold air from outside from entering while its UL listing does permit its use in shower and tub enclosures.

3) Product Name: Broan 670 Wall or Ceiling Mounted HVI Certified Bath Fan

Product Price: $ 44.99

Product URL:

Product Details: the unit does feature a powerful 50 CFM blower that’s permanently lubricated and sealed motor that’s designed for continuous use. The unit is UL listed and is thus suitable for use in showers and bathtubs when connected to a GFCI protected branch circuit.

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