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Protect Your Mobile Home From The Sun With A Good Awning

Awnings that are made for use in manufactured homes are normally constructed of premium gauge aluminum and steel combined with a maintenance free finish as well as a built-in drainage system. These awnings not only increase the overall use of the outdoor space but when used and installed properly, they also help the homeowner significantly reduce his or her energy bills. Awnings are made from a wide variety of materials and come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing an appropriate unit can therefore be a tedious, time consuming and frustrating exercise. In this regard, there are certain factors one has to take into consideration when looking for a good awning. Apart from the material used to make them, awnings can broadly be categorized as fixed, retractable or freestanding.

Fixed awnings are typically installed permanently to a certain specific position around the manufactured home. Some of the most common spots for these awnings include windows, patios, decks, balconies and even carports. One of the main advantages of using a fixed awning is that it can easily be customized to fit wherever it is required so as to complement the architecture and décor of the home. These awnings can also be easily installed in various shapes such as straight top, domes, concaves and even convex shapes. Such awnings also have the distinct advantage of being easy to clean and thus maintain, they are usually also very simple to install. The simple fact that these units have very little if any moving parts does imply that they are more long lasting since they have fewer possible points of failure and are also easy to service.

Retractable awnings are also quite popular with manufactured homes. These awnings are ideal because when they are not required , they can either be folded or rolled up and safely kept indoors. Generally, there are two main types of retractable awnings, these are the manual retractable and motorized retractable awnings. Though pricier, many people tend to prefer the motorized awnings since they are more convenient and user friendly with the remote control. Retractable patio awnings are by far the most common, since apart from creating for the homeowner and family a living space or outdoor entertainment area, it can be easily be removed during extreme and harsh weather, in the process, saving the unit from damage. In most instances, motorized retractable awnings are fitted with sensors which detect bad weather and retract and also detect when the weather conditions have improved and open up. In this regard, it is important to protect the sensors against the vagaries of nature such as extreme moist and sunlight.

There are also unattached awnings which are also known as free-standing awnings in some quarters. These units typically consist of two poles from the sides and a supporting frame on which the awning fabric is stretched. These units are some of the easiest to install because they have minimal parts and are also quite long lasting because most of the poles are typically made of no-rust stainless steel and aluminum. Cleaning and maintaining them is also quite easy, they are also very portable. This makes them easy to move and remove during harsh weather conditions.

Here are some of the popular manufactured home awning options readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: the SunSetter Oasis Freestanding Awning

Product Price: $ 219.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a beautiful freestanding retractable awning for patios, decks and any other location where you want to enjoy some beautiful and cool shade protection. The unit is available in both manual and motorized versions and is by far , the ultimate in versatility and flexibility. It is easy to install and maintain as well.

2) Product Name: the Perfect Shade Creator Manual Retractable Awning

Product Price: $ 2229.99

Product URL:

Product Details: made of 100 percent woven acrylic fabric, it does have a powder coated aluminum steel frame and a steel roller tube and torsion bar. The unit is designed for residential use with an eleven foot projection and can be mounted on the wall in either direction.  

3) Product Name: Palram Feria Patio Cover

Product Price: $ 1,999.99

Product URL:

Product Details: designed and constructed with weather proof, water proof ,maintenance free materials which create a beautiful outdoor space. The unit is engineers to meet high winds and snow loads when properly assembled and anchored to a solid, sturdy base. It has adjustable poles which allow for ideal positioning.

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