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How To Utilize Furniture Moving Equipment In Your Manufactured Home

When moving furniture, it is always important to remember that even though it may seem to be a small task, moving furniture safely and easily can be a daunting task. As a matter of fact, attempting to move some of your furniture can result in a strained muscle or serious back injury. Because of this, professional movers usually have the equipment and training needed to safely move heavy furniture without injuring themselves or exposing themselves to unnecessary danger. They also use machinery to ensure that they don’t damage the furniture or entryway.

When moving furniture, your priority should always be to stay safe and protect the piece that you are moving. To achieve this, you should ensure that you have at least two able bodied individuals available to assist with moving the furniture. If you have to carry something, make sure you use your legs not your back and squat and lift the piece, always keeping your back straight. Always make a point of lifting the piece from the strongest point, irrespective of how brief the lift is. The furniture should be kept close to the body and make sure you don’t twist.

In addition to eliminating the risk of or even liability for an injury to family members or other family friends who may feel inclined to help you move, using machines to move your furniture does help to protect your investment and ensures that your furniture looks and functions as well in your new home or spot as it did in your current home or spot. It is also worth mentioning that because most of these machines are hired, leased or handled by highly trained technicians, they can easily re-assemble and disassemble modular furniture systems to the standards laid out by the manufacturer so as not to void the warranty.

Contrary to popular belief, moving is not just simple movement of items from one spot to the other as many homeowners learn quite belatedly when things don’t go down as well. Calling in professionals and using furniture moving machinery does demand careful planning. This is because in most instances, reconfiguration of rooms as well as furniture systems will be required; this is usually dependent on the space as well as current layout of your home as well as the location of existing phone, network and electrical outlets.

Even though some of the machines may be quite complex and difficult to operate, some of the tools are quite simple and easy to use. Furniture moving straps can make moving items not only safe but also much easier. The use of simple straps can enable two individuals to lift furniture that’s much heavier than what they would have previously lifted without the straps. Furniture moving pads are also a must have when moving. They do protect your furniture from scratches during the entire moving process. It is also recommended that one uses furniture sliders to help move the furniture easily and fast. Desist from using cotton gloves because they tend to deny you that strong grip on the surface of the furniture.

Always remember that the smoother the surface of the floor, the easier it is to move a load using any machine. Whenever you have to move a load over dirty floors, carpet or any other porous surface, you should always opt to use rough carpet or surface adapters for the best result. These adapters can be used for moving from un-carpeted to carpeted areas, over closet tracks, door jambs or thresholds. If you have to move longer distances, then a plastic or vinyl runner will do just fine.

Here are some of the easy to use furniture moving equipment readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Raymond Desk and Chair Movers

Product Price: $ 199.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this piece does provide unmatched convenience for moving those relatively small and difficult to maneuver items such as stacked chairs. With its fingertip control, the unit does offer very quick adjustment to accommodate any load.

2) Product Name: Northern Industrial Furniture and Crate Mover

Product Price: $ 429.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this machine can lift crates or furniture weighing up to 1300lbs. it can raise the item lifted up to 11 4/5 inches quite comfortably. It is safe, durable and easy to use.

3) Product Name: Northern Industrial Hydraulic Furniture Mover

Product Price: $ 699.99

Product URL:

Product Details: this set of furniture movers is easy to use and quite safe. The unit slips easily underneath safes, cupboards and sofa sets. It does use hydraulic lift system to raise the load at least ten inches off the ground.

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