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Add Some Flair To Your Manufactured Home With Moulding

Door and window moldings are usually used to add some decorative detail for both exterior and interior doorways, archways and windows in equal measure. They are usually available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes as well. There are several factors one will have to take into consideration when choosing the most appropriate door and window moldings.

First and foremost, it is important to note that your casings need to share the same or similar design elements or aspects with other wall rosettes, ceiling medallions and moldings which you may have already used inside or outside the home. There needs to be a flow in the design for the maximum impact. Generally, these door and window moldings are usually used to basically frame windows and doors, it is important to incorporate some style when doing this by ensuring that the design flows with other decorative elements which have been used in the home.

It is also important to choose moldings which are made from material that’s not only tough and sturdy but one that will not fade, warp or rot after a short period of time. This is because these moldings are usually the first thing visitors see when they visit your home, this is especially so if they are fitted onto the main entrance.

Finally, it is also advisable to go for moldings which can be customized, this is especially important for mobile or manufactured homes which usually have slightly different size measurements for doors and windows. Here are examples of some door and window moulding readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Builders Edge 6 Inches by 33 5/8 Flat Panel Window Headers

Product Price: $ 60.23

Product URL:

Product Details: these window and door accents do without doubt add some decorative architectural details to windows or gables. They are also maintenance free as well as UV stabilized with the color already molded through so as to ensure that the accents don’t fade, flake or scratch. Each of the headers does include a keystone for optional application. Even though this mold cannot be painted, the headers can be cut down for custom sizing. It is also readily available in a total of nine (9) maintenance free accent colors and can be mounted on virtually any surface such as hardboard, fiber cement, stucco, aluminum, vinyl , brick and wood.

2) Product Name: Ever Mark Jamb Exterior Door Frame Kit

Product Price: $ 43.26

Product URL:

Product Details: this Jamb is the answer for a rot resistant and affordable door frame kit. It does feature PVC bottom that’s factory joined and patented to a primed wood frame which can easily be grilled, sanded and generally finished just like regular wood. It does also feature a foam filled compression weather-stripping which goes a long way in ensuring that the seal is tight, further to the above, it does also include header and legs for a complete door frame. For additional protection, the jamb is double primed. It is also worth mentioning that by having a PVC bottom, moisture, mold and rot cannot therefore threaten this unit. It is sold with a limited lifetime warranty.

3) Product Name: Exterior Moldings 002

Product Price: $ 83.60 per 8 feet piece

Product URL:

Product Details: this molding is well engineered for durability and aesthetics and is quite lightweight, especially so when compared against other popular brands at the same price point. The product has been specifically and intricately designed to not only meet but surpass the needs of high end pre-cast concrete homes. The unit will also not infest, warp or rot just like any other inferior wood product commonly used in other structures. Because these units are light weight, this does mean that the units can either be installed during the initial construction or even done after or during renovation. They are also paintable and can therefore be layered to complement the home or house color with lots of ease.

4) Product Name: Alexandria Rope Window and Door Molding Casing

Product Price: $ 8.50

Product URL:

Product Details: this casing does measure 2 inches in height, 1/2 inch in depth and 96 inches in length and is made from decorative polyurethane which is of very high density and very lightweight. The molding is not only highly decorative but it is also durable and very easy to install. They are readily available in a wide variety of colors and can be customized lengthwise so as to fit any door or window size. These moldings will not fade, rot or warp and are a beautiful addition to any external décor a homeowner may opt for. Because they are lightweight, you can also have them fitted during initial construction or during the renovation phase.

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